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    Education Themes in Children's Stories

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    Discuss the themes of Education in Heidi (1880), Pinocchio (1881), and Through the Looking-Glass (1871).

    Some of my questions include:
    - How is education described differently or similarly in the three stories?
    - How do children learn in these stories?
    - How should children be taught according to the stories?
    - How are the stories written to support the theme of education?
    - What sort of educational point do the three stories make?

    Please elaborate.

    Thank you very much, as many quotes as possible would be helpful!

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    In all three of these stories, the theme of education is important, but approached differently. In Pinocchio, the writer wanted people to understand that education, "book learning," was important to a successful life. In Heidi, the grandfather preferred Heidi to learn by doing and he did not think formal education was important. Her Aunt Dete did and when she took Heidi to live with Clara, it was because she considered an education as important. For Alice, the education was important, but only in how it was applicable to life.

    Alice is the child with the inability to translate education unless she could make it part of her life. Lessons learned were hard to apply to her daily living, and she could not really translate it to that life. The story shows great respect for knowledge, but questions how it can be applied, especially in terms of morals and practicality. Oddly, much of the humor in the story requires an educated level of understanding. Alice is confused about the education she is receiving and the story begins with her trying to figure ...

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    Using the three books noted, this response provides some thoughts on how education is portrayed in children's books.