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    Applying Sun Tzu's Philosophy to Business

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    I need assistance creating a 5-page report on a philosopher/thinker and show clearly how his/her body of thought applies to, and informs ethical practices and conduct in accounting and business in general.

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    Sun Tzu was a philosopher, strategist (thinker), and military leader who lived approximately between 545-597B.C... What is very interesting about this philosopher is that this individual was a warrior philosopher, or scholar a warrior, due to the fact that this individual incorporated Taoist philosophy, as well as his own experience and critical thinking ability, into developing a military treatise that incorporates philosophical and scientific principles that can be utilized in warfare, as well as in business and other areas of endeavor. Due to the philosophical soundness of Sun Tzu's doctrine. He was often sought out by government and other leaders for strategic advice. What separates this philosopher from many other philosophers throughout millennia is the fact that this individual proved a great deal of his strategic philosophies, leadership philosophy, management philosophy, and his philosophy of human psychology, in the actual leadership of men in warfare. In addition, the strategy that this individual utilized in warfare and in teaching and training others was written down in a military treatise known as The Art of War, which has influenced the culture of East Asia, as well as business and military leaders in East Asia and throughout the world. Sun Tzu implemented and utilized human relations philosophy, as well as motivational philosophy that are even utilized by athletic coaches in modern times.

    Sun Tzu's body of thought applies to and informs ethical practices and conduct in accounting and business in general, due to the fact that Sun Tzu ...

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