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    Development of Space Power

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    How has the development of space power impacted the theories of air power, sea power and land power? Discuss at least two domains (air, sea, land), picking at least one theorist from each domain. [For land power, consider theorists before the advent of airpower, ie Clausewitz, Jomini, Sun Tzu, Hart, Fuller, etc.] Support your answer with material from both the WS and AP self-paced courses.

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    The development of space power has impacted the theory of land power due to the fact that space power has established the ultimate manifestation of ruling the skies. This is due to the fact that since the beginning of air power, there has been the military maxim that the nation that controls the skies tends to control the battlefield, and therefore space power has taken this to the highest level. One of the reasons that space power has impacted theories of land power, is due to the fact that space power is actually the manifestation of one of the theoretical perspectives established by Sun Tzu, that states that"the successful general or military force attacks from the utmost heights of heaven."(Sun Tzu, The Art od War) During the time that Sun Tzu advocated this theoretical perspective for application in warfare, it was a well-known ...

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    This solution of 557 words describes how the development of space power has impacted theories of warfare including air power and land power. All references used are included.