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Parametrics- Log Linear (Power) Model.

A coworker is considering the use of a log linear (power) model using weight to estimate the cost of a manufacturing effort. They have performed the following calculations in log space using natural logarithms. Select the corresponding unit space form of this power model equation.
Log Space b1 = 1.455294 b0 = 3.939388

10052338 1

A )Cost = 3.939388 + 1.455294 (Weight)
B )Cost = 3.939388 (Weight) 1.455294
C) Cost = 1.455294 + 3.939388 (Weight)
D) Cost = 51.387143 (Weight) 1.455294

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The correct answer is

D) Cost = 51.387143 (Weight)^1.455294


We have, the power model equation in the unit space is
Cost = a(Weight)^b, where a and b are the ...

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The solution illustrates the one-to-one correspondence of a log linear (power) model and the actual model.