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    How can a leader adapt to changing environment

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    Identify the top two areas that you believe need the most leadership development attention in an organization or environment. Summarize these needs and propose solutions for these conditions.

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    Heifetz & Laurie (2001) adaptive challenges - changes in societies, markets, customers, competition, and technology around the globe are forcing organizations to clarify their values, develop new strategies, and learn new ways of operating. Often the most laborious task for leaders in effecting change is mobilizing people throughout the organization to do adaptive work.

    Adaptive work is required when an individual deeply held beliefs are challenged; when the values that made them successful become less relevant; and when legal yet competing for perspectives emerge. These challenges occur daily at every level of the workplace -- when companies restructure or re-engineer, develop or implement the strategy, or merge businesses. Also, adaptive challenges transpire when marketing has difficulty working with operations; when cross-functional teams do not work well; or when senior executives reveal their difficulties to execute tasks effectively. Adaptive problems are often systemic problems with no ready answers.

    During an employee tenure at an organization 'adaptive challenges' have shown ...

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    An effective leader must foresee an organization needs to adaptive challenges and systematically adjust the process and structure accordingly.