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    Leadership Role in Change Management.

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    It's been said that "Change is the only constant." Why is that true? As the leader of your organization, discuss how would you prepare your organization to face and survive change?

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    A. "Change is the only constant"

    This is true because the present day organizations work in a highly dynamic and volatile environment which is constantly changing and makes it necessary for organizations to respond and adapt to this ever changing environment. So change is an ongoing process for organizational survival, success and growth. Over the past three decades we can find ample examples of how organizations transformed as a result of technological, economic, demographic and other macro environmental forces. If we look at only technology as a driver of change we can see its dramatic impact on organizations and how the entire working of organizations changed due to staggering ...

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    Change is an ongoing process in the current economic and business environment. Organizations which are proactive and prepared to deal with change are always more successful compared to those that do not respond to change on timely basis and suffer from stagnation. Organizational leadership plays the most critical role in dealing with the challenges of change management