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    Participative Management

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    The Role of the Leader in Teamwork
    The word team refers to a small group of members who are tasked with working toward a common goal, who have interdependent roles, and who have complementary skills. The roles that leaders assume change in the team setting as these interactions become more complex, and teamwork introduces interdependency. Teams can be effective work units if they have the appropriate guidance of organizational leaders.

    Subject : Participative Management and Change-Oriented Leadership
    Participation and culture
    The role of leadership in self-managed teams
    Impact of charismatic leadership
    Transactional and transformational leadership
    Contingency rewards and management by exception
    Visionary and exemplary leadership
    Micro- and upper-echelon leadership
    Role of strategic leaders and impacts of internal and external factors
    Strategic leadership types and impacts of culture and gender
    Executive compensation and accountability

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    Step 1
    Participation means involving team members in the decision making process. Because each team member has a role to play in the work a team does, the team member should be given the opportunity to participate in decision making.

    Participation and culture: It means creating a culture that assumes that participation is required, should be encouraged, and is essential for the success of the team. The team values participation and believes that participation is important for the success of the team (a). The effect is that participation in decision making is encouraged in the team.

    Step 2
    The role of leadership in self managed teams is to give direction, communicate with, and represent the self managed team's interest. The role of the leader is to give advice, coach, and participate in setting standards of work/objectives. In a self-managed team the leader must monitor the performance, evaluate individual performance, and motivate the team. The leader must also communicate with the organization and represent the interest of the team.

    Step 3
    The main impact of charismatic leadership in a team is to engage the team members. He is able to get the team members strongly ...

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