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    Building Capacity by Working with the Support Sector

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    Support organizations come in many sizes and shapes - some distribute information or set up peer to peer helping networks. Some support organizations provide financial assistance networks and training programs.

    These are some of the different types support organizations involved in a social action for change.

    Describe briefly the role of each these 9 different types of support organizations? Also discuss the types of considerations needed to administrate over these 9 organizations

    Institutional networks?
    Peer-to-peer networks?
    Activist coalitions are organizations?
    Trade associations?
    Social change intermediaries?
    Financial intermediaries?
    Policy research?

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    Institutional networks help to provide financial support, education, human resources, and logistical support for social change initiatives. Administering this type of organization requires good departmentalization, an established chain of command, and highly experienced executive leadership.

    Peer to peer networks serve the role of providing support for social change organizations through the contact and interchange of ideas and methodologies with other social change organizations etc. administering this network simply requires connecting social change organizations with other organizations that are most pertinent to assisting them in achieving their ...