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Global Companies and Web Marketing

"More and more global companies recognize the promise of the web as a direct marketing tool to build ties with customers worldwide. In that capacity, the web can be used to: (1) attract and engage customers, (2) communicate and interact with them, and (3) support and retain consumers."

For www.nike.com, address how well it does or does not do in terms of building ties with customers worldwide.

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It is building ties with customers worldwide by following ways:
1. It is working through several languages; in this way it is trying to cover most of world.

2. It is having a interactive mode of working at site, this keeps interest and customizes the viewing of site.

3. It is having online membership and providing following facilities to its registered members:
- Exclusive product offers and sneak previews of upcoming products
- Fast, easy checkout and ...

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314 words explain how nike.com attracts/engages customers, communicates with them and supports and retains them.