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Global Marketing Communications

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According to Keller & Kotler (2012), the development of the Web, the spread of cable and satellite TV, and the global linking of telecommunications networks have led to a convergence of lifestyles. Increasingly common needs and wants have created global markets for more standardized products, particularly among the young middle class. The best global brands are consistent in theme but reflect significant differences in consumer behavior, brand development, competitive forces, and the legal or political environment. For example, McDonald's customizes its menu offerings and even its service delivery to suit the markets.

With that being said, people are becoming more and more similar, although companies must make sure their brands are relevant to consumers whether domestic or global. It is understood that product adaptation alters the product to meet local conditions or preferences however flexible manufacturing makes it easier to do so on several levels. Changing marketing communications for each local market is a process called communication adaptation. The challenge is to make the message as compelling and effective as in the home market. At the end of the day, KFC operates domestic and global, yet more and more people are eating KFC however there might be a slight change in the menu due to the culture.

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This solution explains marketing communications adaptations. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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The linking of telecommunications networks has led to the convergence of lifestyles. Common needs and wants have created global markets. These statements are only moderately corrects. Global companies who want to market standardized products have identified common needs and have used the global model for ...

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