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Communication Pitfalls in Marketing

Select a case study (you can look for your case study on or select one from Harvard Business Review) illustrating communicational pitfalls in global marketing. Analyze the case, and provide a critical assessment. Cite your sources.

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I have done a two page essay on a case study relating to a drug company who promoted its drug as a wonder drug and then the drug started to be fatal. The FDA removed the drug from the market.

This falls under communication pitfalls in global marketing because the drug was marketing one way and performed in another.

I have properly cited the attached and it is a true graduate paper.


I have chosen the pharmaceutical industry as the subject of this essay. Every day and every hour on television, radio or through an internet ad, one drug company or another is trying to sell the consumer its new "wonder drug." What the consumer does not know, is sometimes the ads portray the drug in a softer light. I light so soft that the dangerous side effects are relayed in a voice so soft and warm that the consumer is truly not listening to the side effects and is only focusing on the images portrayed in the ad. This paper will discuss the deadly heart medicine, Digitek, and the communication pitfall this drug experienced in a global marketing campaign.

Drug History

This drug was produced by Mylan ...

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The solution discusses the communication pitfalls in marketing. COmmunicational pitfalls in global marketing are analyzed.