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    A Well Thought Out Plan for Corporate Restructuring

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    According to a plan for restructuring and the preparation of potential layoffs,what are the merits of resolving conflict including the types of communication used ,What are the problem areas or potential pitfalls in a plan for restructuring? What could be done to prepare for these types of problems or pitfalls in advance?

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    The merits for positive communication are more worker productivity, less stress, fewer stressors, and more specificities about how, when and where the layoffs will occur as part of the company's restructuring plan. The types of communications used can be done through friendly, compassionate meetings, emails, ...

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    This 185 word solution highlights the advantages and disadvantages of corporate restructuring through layoffs is discussed as well as the need and details of having a well thought out and designed corporate restructuring plan. Included is an explanation of how to avoid and prepare for the negative repercussions of layoffs.