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    Restructuring and Re-organizing

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    Assuming that you have a mid size medical center that you want to restructure into smaller units that are internaly independent but are the integral part of the medical center that can make it function efficiently as a whole. Briefly:


    a) What are the pros and cons for restructering.

    b) What are the preconditions to allow such restructuring and what are the obstacles expected?

    c) How can these obstacle be overcome?

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    a) What are the pros and cons for restructuring?

    Let's get some definitions out of the way.

    Restructuring - Changing the way an organization is designed or functions to achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency, responsiveness, flexibility, or quality.

    Reorganizing is only one option in a restructuring process and results in a changed organizational chart.

    By definition, an organization can restructure without reorganizing or changing the boxes on the chart. Some examples of this include: increasing the amount of cross-functional teams efforts in your organization; rotating staff or managers throughout the organization to increase cooperation or streamlining internal processes in a way which delegates decision making authority to lower levels in the organization. (http://www.vermontpersonnel.org/htm/Guidintro.html)

    Pros: Reasons to ...

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