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    Monitoring and Controlling Strategic Plans - Pitfalls and Responsibility

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    Please help answer the following questions.

    - Why is it necessary to monitor and control strategic plans?
    - Who should be responsible for monitoring and controlling strategic plans? Why?
    - What are the pitfalls of failing to monitor and control strategic plans?

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    Why is it necessary to monitor and control strategic plans?

    Businesses are competitive to gaining an increased consumer share within the targeted industry marketplace. Therefore, the business necessity is to monitoring and controlling strategies that will increase brand identity and profitably is imperative for success. When business lacks in monitoring and controlling their marketing strategies, the business suffers in not bringing in more consumers to sustaining the company's operations. Internal systems are ...

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    The following posting discusses the pitfalls and responsibility of monitoring and controlling strategic plans. Concepts discussed include consumer shares, target industry marketplaces and strategic plans.