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Public Policy Analysis

Create a public policy. Construct the details of the policy utilizing the Process Model. Discuss the rationale of the policy and how the Process Model will assist policy makers in their decision making and implementation processes. Evaluate the model utilizing general criteria. Use at least two outside sources to support your position.

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Public Policy:
Strengthen the Economy. The government will use its budgetary deficit to build infrastructure. This policy will increase employment in the United States, bring back demand to thousands of businesses, and lay the foundation for economic recovery. This action will be backed by the monetary policy action of the Federal Reserve.

Details using the Process Model (1):

The government will undertake projects such as building bridges, utilities, and conduits.
The government will spend money from fiscal deficit on infrastructure projects.
The Federal Reserve will adjust the ...

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The answer to this problem explains how government will use budgetary deficit to build infrastructure. The references related to the answer are also included.