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Definitions, Implementation, and Limitations of Public Policy

I need help getting a better understanding on these areas of Public Policy:

Please help discuss the importance of policy analysis during the development and implementation stages of public policy, the social impact of policies, and the limitations policies have on government power.

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Good afternoon, I'll try and elaborate on your question...

First and foremost, it can be complex to establish what public policy actually is: the best way to look at it is a forms of guide or method by which the executive powers of a nation/state undertakes its legal and social actions (Dye, 1992). In this regard, the topics could include the economy, law, environmemt or anything that can affect public affairs. Of course, there hasn't been much consensus regarding a suitable definition for public policy due to its wide-ranging consequences.

With respect to policy analysis, it can be summarised in simple terms as the evaluation of policy within the boundaries of its objectives and aims (Dunn, 2003). ...

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This question deals with the definition, implementation, and limitations of public policy making across government and state factors.