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    Developing legislation

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    Will review the steps of developing legislation. The first step is to analyze the problem, facts, and any existing law(s). It is important to consider whom the "audience" of your legislation or amendment will be. The development of legislation begins with the conversion of ideas, hopes and hypothesis about how problems can be solved or addressed into concrete legislative proposals or bills. A bill does not include your ideas or testimony as to why it should be passed, or even what future benefits will come from the adoption of the procedures in the bill. Those issues can be brought up at committee hearings or in debate on the floor.
    The main portions of a bill are:

    1. The name
    2. Description
    3. Actions to be taken
    4. Definitions
    5. A date for the policy to take effect, and,
    6. In the case of appropriations, where the money will come from.

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    This is by no means intended as an assignment completion. I have created a fictitious act that could potentially become legislation as per request.

    Proposed Legislation

    1. The Confidentiality of College Academic Records Act

    2. The proposed legislation will prohibit the sharing of academic transcripts, academic performance information, and degree information, from anyone not authorized by the student to access such information. It will prohibit academic institutions from sharing information about top students, high performers, or underachievers, with any outside organizations, such as employers, governmental agencies, or others on an as needed basis without express written consent from the individual student. Such information cannot be shared with outside organizations for the purpose of solicitation of any kind.

    Currently a student can request that information not be shared. However, even if the student has made this request, it does not affect the ability of the institution to release any relevant information about the student under the provisions discussed in ...

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    The steps of developing legislation are determined.