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    Sport Management and Federal Legislation

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    Aside from the ADA and Title IX, identify one piece of federal legislation that has had an impact on sport. Define and discuss the importance of the federal legislations and the impact it had on sport. Complete additional research as necessary to find a scholarly source to overview the federal legislation of your choice.

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    //In the following paper, we will discuss Federal Legislation, which has an impact over sports. Along with this, the light will be thrown on the pivotal role played by these legislations on the sports management.//

    There have been various projects, strategies and programs undertaken within sports fields to regulate the working and functioning in an effective manner. The role of legislative bodies is essential in the functioning of these activities, as it determines a proper code of conduct (Wong, 2010). There have been various agencies that are responsible in proper monitoring and regulations of sports management. These ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 391 words with references.