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Real World Example: Politics & Power

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Cite real-world examples of how politics impact power:

There are endless examples to cite, just read the front page of any newspaper to get some ideas. President Bush is often accused of helping big oil companies, Democrats yield to major union groups like the NEA and AFL-CIO, numerous company Board fights (Disney, e.g.), television dictates what games you see in almost every professional sport, etc., etc. Better yet, if someone on the team has experience with a relevant example, then the team can certainly use that to satisfy this part of the assignment.

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Politics impact power by deciding how resources are allocated in society. The American healthcare field is just one example among many; Medicare is unable to negotiate prescription prices because the Congress won't allow it. Yet this negotiating power could possibly lower costs to recipients; however due to lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry politicians are unwilling to ...

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Text I'm using for this Class:

Schermerhorn, John R. Jr., Hunt, James G., Osborn, Richard N. (2005), Organizational Behavior, (Ninth Edition), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
(Chapters 2,3 and 11)

I need herlp in creating the following:

Using the readings from the text prepare a 700 - 1,400 - word paper in which you compare and contrast power and politics in organizations. Give real-world example(s) of how politics impacts power.

Use APA formatting. Thank you for your help.

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