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Tranformational Leadership

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In a 2-page paper, discuss a leader who you would consider to be transformational.

You should write about (Jeff Bezos), Amazon leader

In your paper, please respond to the following questions:

1 ◦What are the characteristics and qualities that leader possesses that makes you think he/she is transformational?
2 ◦How does this person make decisions?
3 ◦Has the leader led a group through change?
4 ◦Do you believe culture plays a role in his/her leadership characteristics?
5 ◦Are you a transformational leader?
6 ◦Do you believe you have the potential to be a transformational leader?
7 ◦What would need to happen in order for you to become a transformational leader?

And do not forget to cite references.

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1. What are the characteristics and qualities that leader possesses that makes you think he/she is transformational?

The characteristics and qualities that leader possesses that makes me think that he/she is transformational includes clarity of vision. It is the most important quality of a transformational leader which makes him think ahead of time and realize his dreams. He must have strong communication skills so that he could clearly communicate his vision to everyone in the organisation. Also, he must be courageous and have the quality to inspire and motivate the people to achieve the super ordinate goals of the organisation. He must set an example in front of his subordinates to give their best and work in the best interest of their organization for the achievement of both individual and organisational goals.

2. How does this person make decisions?

Jeff is very focused on both the long term vision and short term actions. He tries to understand business well and then choose to decide from various course of actions available to him. He is a very dynamic personality and therefore he is always willing to reinvent even the very small things. He is very innovative in his approach to take decisions and therefore, he is always several steps ahead of his competitors. While, he is very stubborn in achieving ...

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