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Integrative, Moral, and Change Leadership

What is integrative leadership? What is moral leadership? What is change leadership? What type of leadership do you experience from your leadership team and work? What leadership coaching recommendations would you give them if you were their personal leadership coach?

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Integrative Leadership

The basis of integrative leadership is that leadership is a group process that involves cooperation to realize common goals. This type of leadership centers on the group aspect of leadership. Members of the organization, group, or team all have opportunities to lead. A good phrase to illustrate this type of leadership can be taken from Kouzes and Posner (2002): "Leadership is a dialogue, not a monologue."

Moral Leadership

The basis of moral leadership is that leader behaviors influence the values and beliefs of the follower. Moral leaders have a firm commitment to ethical practices, fairness, and responsibility. Moral leadership may be best characterized by James MacGregor Burns' theory of transforming leadership or Robert Greenleaf's theory of servant ...

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This solution offers a bried discription of integrative, moral, and change leadership. It also includes recommendations for leaders.