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    Human Resources and Strategic Leadership

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    I have one question that needs to be discussed. "Why Leadership"?

    Warren Bennis "On Becoming a Leader"
    Greenleaf "The Servant Leader"
    Bratton Grint and Nelson "The Art and Science of Leadership"
    Frances Hesselbein and General Eric K. Shinseki "Be*Know*Do"

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    Leadership Studies

    A leadership study is a multidisciplinary educational field of study that concentrates on leadership in the context of organization and human behaviour. There are number of individuals who study leadership to know about leadership and what makes a great leader. The origin of leadership study is from social sciences, humanities and from professional and practiced fields of study like management and education. Studying leadership is intimately associated to the field of organizational studies.

    As an academic area, the study of leadership is becoming of substantial interest to scholars from an all-encompassing assortment of disciplinary settings. Nowadays, there are abundant academic programs associated to the study of leadership. These different leadership studies and programs relate to: the different aspects of leadership, leadership studies and organizational leadership.

    Why Study Leadership

    The emergence of leadership programs is increasing day by day and it is due to the advantages of these programs. The importance and necessity of studying leadership can be understood with our own example or any individual. Regardless what job one has at any point in his life, studying leadership can help him to do an outstanding job (Why Study Leadership, 2010). This is true that in our life every position from janitor to CEO to stay-at-home parent apply some leadership principles so that our role can become much easier and more pleasant.

    This is due to the different position that one holds throughout his life. All these different positions of an individual's life require demonstration of good leadership skills due to which studying leadership is essential (Why Study Leadership, 2010). Although some positions like CEO have an apparent need for people with splendid leadership skills and some position does not require apparent leadership skills but it demands behaviour related leadership ...

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