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    Adaptive Leadership and Organizational Change

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    As I just learned about leading organizational change within the movie and news paper industry while using Kotter's eight step method, I realize that a leader/manager will need some form of adaptive leadership to move each of the industries forward. What type of adaptive leadership will one need in order to effectively accomplish moving the movie and news paper industry forward and/or how would one resolve problems within. Are there specific questions that may arise, if so, what are they and/or are there trade offs during this process? Also, what would be the desired end state/outcome?

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    Adaptive leadership required to effectively accomplish moving the movie and newspaper industry forward include ability to adapt to changing technology and preparing the organization to ...

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    This solution of 112 words discusses adaptive leadership in an organizational culture of a workplace based on Kotter's eight step method. The solution also looks at the varying types of adaptive leadership that one will need to move the movie and newspaper industry forward.