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Organizational renewal

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Under Jobs, Apple has regained ground in traditional desktop strongholds such as graphic arts and rolled out pricey new PowerBooks aimed at professionals. However, the biggest growth opportunity for PCs today is among consumers - especially novices. The iMac has already attracted many such customers, and Apple is trying to do the same for portables - where sales are now growing 33 percent faster than sales of desktop PCs.

1.Is this an example of organizational renewal or transformation? Why?

2.Do entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs have to leave large organizations to achieve innovation, or can they successfully transform larger companies? Why?

3.What adaptive orientation was used? Support your answer.

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Organizational renewal: This is because just as the company has sold PowerBooks in the past it plans to sell portables now. There is no change in the leadership style or the strategy of company. For instance, Apple has not tried to come out with a cheaper portable to compete on price. Nor has there been any perceptible effort to involve other organizational employees in the decision making process. There is no effort whatsoever to change the organizational culture or process. Steve Jobs continues to remain the charismatic leader and continues to lead Apple.

Leaders like Steve Jobs have a set form of task-oriented behavior, amount of relation-oriented behavior and ...

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