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Discussing Company Diversity

Please answer the following question:
- How important do you think it is to fit in to a company's culture?
- If a company seeks employees who are similar to the company's current leadership, does this lead to a lack of diversity in the company?

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1. How important do you think it is to fit in to a company's culture?

If we strive to fit into the organizational culture we will more than likely conform to corporate ideologies. It is my belief that conformity leads to the "group think" mentality in which everyone works for an organization but functions as if they are operating with one mind within a dictatorial regime. Employees are only unique if their modus operandi includes change-oriented innovation. Conformity never promotes success, instead it adapts to the current way of life or the current organizational infrastructure without change. I've worked for several companies in the medical profession, most of the organizations I've worked for used the term "organizational fit" which never meant anything other than an employee who got along with staff members and would go out for an occasional drink after work. The person who refused to go drinking after work were not considered an organizational fit and were either fired or left out of the "loop."

I worked for a physician in a small practice; the physician was a vulgar female specialist who made it a ...

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The importance to fit into a company's culture is discussed. Whether this leads to a lack of diversity in the company is given.