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Diversity in the Workplace Conflicts

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If you were to critique one global company with which you are familiar and determine atleast three inevitable conflicts that may arise among individuals from different religions, racial, ethnic, and national groups who must work together. how and what would you recommend to overcome each conflict in order to create a productive work environment.

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The global company I choose is Starbucks, which is very well known. Starbucks is an international coffee company that has been around since 1971 when they first opened. Starbucks has always maintained a well diversified workforce and they are constantly working on improving diversity as well.

A few of the issues/conflicts Starbucks may experience due to having a diversified workforce is communication, harassment and lifestyle differences. Communication is common in many, if not all companies when dealing with diversity. It is typical to find many employees that may speak different languages which makes it difficult to communicate. While it may be difficult, it is ultimately up to the company to take a stand and set the standard that although people are different, it is critical for business that all employees make every effort to evolve as a team. All employees should be open to communicate and/or learn how to effectively communicate with their fellow employees. "Even when no prejudice exits among employees, a diversified workplace can bring about certain communication issues. Hiring immigrants who speak little or no English can reduce productivity by creating a communication barrier among team members. ...

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This article provides a look into how diversity conflicts can be resolved within a company. While there are many types of diversity conflicts, a few of them are identified and briefly discussed.

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