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    The power of workforce diversity

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    Workforce diversity creates both opportunities and challenges to intercultural communications. Explain both the opportunities and challenges of intercultural communications and why understanding these will enhance your skills as an employee. Power and language are two topics discussed.

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    Workforce diversity creates a minefield for many people. Communication is paramount to preventing problems. Conflict is normal. Every person comes from different backgrounds and experiences and different cultures can make these differences seem insurmountable. Each challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow, to address concerns, and adjust expectations.

    For different cultures, power is an issue that takes control of situations beyond the normal workplace problems. Communications are necessary to deflect misunderstanding in terms of differences. The challenge is to recognize the issues of power and how they are perceived by those from different backgrounds. In "Interpersonal Conflict", Wilmot and Hocker (2001) use ...

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    A discussion on the opportunites and challenges in intercultural communications.