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    Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations

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    Compare and contrast power and politics in organizations. Include an analysis of organizational management and leadership practices that impact organizations. Provide a minimum of two real-world examples of the relationship between power and politics and how this relates to management and leadership practices.
    Please include a minimum of three sources (APA formatting required).

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    There are various aspects of power and politics that contribute to the success and failure of organizations. However, the one common thread that managers require for success is "People Skills". Regardless of what capacity a manager or leader find themselves functioning in, the ability to work with others is critical. By using the term "People Skills" I do not mean specifically communication skills, although being able to communicate effectively is certainly included. By the term "People Skills" I mean being able to empathize with those you lead by seeing things from their perspective. For instance, take the time to know the employees well. Find out about their families, their goals in life, things that are important to those who work for you, not only on a professional level, but on a personnel level as well. According to Cathleen T. Love (Love, 2005) "Leaders must work to create warm, supportive, and stable relationships. When relationships are strong, constructive criticism and accountability can be seen as a means to learn and grow rather than as critical and demeaning remarks" (Love, 2005)!

    In order to be successful, leaders must motivate those they lead to achieve objectives. When an employee who is being led understands that the leader has their best interest at heart and have built a trust in that leader based on integrity, values, and empathy over time, even the employee may not agree with what is asked of them, they will complete the task because of that trust they have in the leader. Today's competitive and demanding world requires more than the traditional leadership of the military mentality of giving orders. The environment of today requires leaders that possess emotional intelligence along with the traditional skills of management. (Bunker & Wakefield, 2004).

    How Globalization has Affected Manager's People Skills

    The ability today for companies and individuals to quickly move products, money, people and information across the globe, is at a pace that this world has never seen before. In many cases, it seems that we are in a sense a virtual world, without boarders or territories. For example, someone sitting in Bangladesh can shop on the internet at Wal-Mart's website. Along with this amazing growth come significant challenges for managers. A major challenge for managers today is that of workforce diversity! Leading a group of individuals that are alike is not an easy task in itself, since ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts power and politics in organizations.