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    Venezuelan Workforce

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    Country Chosen is Venezuela

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    Details: For this project, your client wants you to research the challenges and opportunities of staffing and managing a diverse workforce in the new location (i.e., a country of your choice other than the U.S.). Please note that diversity includes more than race and gender; it also includes other differences such as age, lifestyle, skills, ethnicity, work ethics, and so forth (Thomas, 2002).

    Select a country for your client's business. Your assignment is to conduct research about the country you selected for your client's business and prepare a report for the CEO addressing the following:

    Provide a brief overview of the country you selected for your client's new business venture, such as the following: location; population; workforce; official language; discrimination laws; type of government (e.g., democratic, totalitarian, communist, etc.); and any other information you feel is important to understand to run a successful business.
    What are some of the communications and cultural differences between the two countries, and how would those impact your business? Please explain and provide examples.
    Are there differences in discrimination laws between the two countries? How would you address these differences? For example, if race, age, and/or gender were not protected by law in the country you selected, would you be able to follow the same hiring practices as in the United States? Why or why not?
    Conclude your research report for your client by explaining some and the advantages and disadvantages of a diverse workforce.
    Thomas, R. R. (1992). Beyond race and gender: Unleashing the power of your total work force by managing diversity. New York: AMACOM Division, American Management Association.

    Objective: Describe the challenges of managing a diverse, globally-based workforce.
    Discuss how various legal, political, economic, ethical, and cultural systems affect business attitudes, behavior, and philosophies.
    Use effective communication techniques.

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