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Venezuelan minority groups

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This job describe an example of a native group or religious or ethnic minority within Venezuela.

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In order to examine indigenous and minority cultures, I highly recommend this source: Yves Materne, ed., The Indian Awakening in Latin America (New York: Friendship Press, 1980, 113-127).

As you then research some of the various ethnic groups in the nation online, you can google each one individually to locate more data. Thus, please look at groups such as the "Karifia, the Yaruro, the Cuiba subgroup of the Goahibo, the Taurepang, Kamaracoto and reKuna subgroups of the Pemon, the Makiritare, the Panare, Piaroa, the Arawako, the Akawayo, the Makushi, the Guarequena, the Baniba, the Bare, the Puinabe, the Curripaco, theYabarana, the Goahibo, the Warao, the Goajiro, the Parauhano, the Yucpa, the Bari and the Chaima" (http://www.nativeweb.org/papers/statements/materne/2venezuela.php).

If you look thoroughly at one group, I suggest the Yaruro. Their primary language is Pume (5,900), while ...

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Topical help about native groups or religious or ethnic minorities within Venezuela is given.

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