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Importance of networks in organizational learning Article

What is the importance of networks in organizational learning? Analyse the Jones Macpherson article with regard to how mature SMEs facilitate strategic renewal by accessing external resources. According to the Jones article, what role does absorptive capacity play in organizational learning?

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Importance of Networks in Organizational Learning
Organizational learning refers to a cognitive approach to implement change. Networks are like integrative strategy for a firm as it initiates coherence among employees and superiors in a top-down organizational hierarchy. Today, most of the firms fail to integrate a new system that improves company processes to operate effectively due to lack of communication and increased levels of conflict (Romano & Secundo, 2009). By integrating networks in organizational learning improves and broadens a firm's professionalism and efficiency scope. For maintaining a competitive advantage, it is essential for a firm to be willing to get engage in continuous learning that could be done effectively through networks.

Networks consistently espouse organizational processes with leadership or managerial efficiency. This in turn assists employees in maintaining a flexible concept that robustly corresponds to systems of augmented learning through direction and new process development (Smith & Salvendy, 2001). Networks are crucial in present, to attain maximum advantages of organizational learning as it helps in maintaining an effective ...

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