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    Multinational organization context

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    In your opinion, what are the vital processes of learning that take place in global and local organizational networks?

    Analyze the Zellmer-Buruhn and Gibson article with regard to how the macro context in multinational organizations influences work team learning and how learning influences task performance and interpersonal relations.

    What are the implications of findings in this article for how learning takes place in multinational learning networks?

    Please include references and citations.

    Please see the **ATTACHED** pdf for the complete details. Thanks for helping me out with this!

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    The implication for how learning takes place, in a multinational corporation, is that competing interests vie for important. Integration and responsiveness are competing interests, which may affect the outcome of training. Integration is the idea that training across multiple departments, subsidiaries or branches, is fairly uniform in how it is structured and how learners will gain new skills or knowledge. Responsiveness focuses on local needs. Responsiveness in multinational corporations takes into account the habits and cultural influences of each location that may influence learning. Zeller-Bruhn & Gibson (2006) discuss how a focus on one, over the other, can negatively affect training in the organization.

    The key in being responsive to local needs, while maintaining integration, is in finding the right balance. For every organization, that balance may be different. One organization may require training to be fairly consistent, across locations, due to the nature of skills or tasks being learned. Another may require more responsiveness, due to ...

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    Multinational organization context is examined. The expert analyzes the Sellmer-Buruhn and Gibson article.