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Hofstede four value of dimensions

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Hofstede four value of dimensions:
How this knowledge will help the managers of multinational corporations.

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Four of the key factors which you would try to study about that culture before beginning the negotiations:
According to the Hofstede- Bond studies

A. Power distance
How much inequality do people expect in social institutions?

B. Individualism -Collectivism
How loose or tight is the bond between individual and societal groups?

C. Uncertainty avoidance
To what extent do people prefer structured versus unstructured situations?

D. Long term versus short term orientation

Mixing of societal and organizational cultures can produce interesting dynamics in multinational companies. For example French are more talkative and candid; Americans have more sense of hierarchy and are less likely to criticize. Similarly, Asian culture encourages a more distant managing style than American. Another example can be ...

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