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Hofstede: Cultural Dimensions

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What are the four dimensions of culture studied by Geert Hofstede? Identify and describe each. Choose one of the dimensions and explain how it is concretely exemplified in the global workforce. For example, a higher score for power distance in Spain accounts for that nation's greater degrees of hierarchy and of class stratification. Therefore, it is necessary for U.S. firms to be more formal and more respectful of titles when operating in Spain. In similar fashion, give concrete examples for the four dimensions of culture studied by Hofstede.

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The first dimension of culture described by Geert Hofstede is power distance. This is the extent to which less powerful persons of institutions and organizations within a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally. The second dimension is individualism. This dimension has been described by Hofstede as the degree of interdependence a society has among its members. Individualist society's persons look after themselves and their direct family only. The third dimension is masculinity. According to Hofstede, the fundamental issue here is what motivates people. Wanting to be the best or liking what you do. The fourth dimension is uncertainty avoidance. According to ...

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