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Cultural dimensions theory

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In accordance to the Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions, how does the United States compare or compete in regards to how different cultures based on their norms are affected in the workplace and how as a manager would my values be different from other countries in comparison to the US in individuality, power-distance and long term orientation?

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National cultures can be described according to Geert Hofstede cultural dimensions. There are six cultural dimensions according to which different nations are ranked. These cultural differences impact the way n which executives from different countries can negotiate business contracts or influence a decision. It is widely believed that standards of personal integrity differ between U.S. employees and employees from other countries. Also, formal code of conduct is more prevalent in the U.S than anywhere else. United States compete with other cultural based on the norms and values of the nation. Thus, in order to conduct business successfully with employees from different cultures, it is important to understand these differences and act in an appropriate manner.
The score of United States on the three dimensions of Hofstede is as follows:
Power Distance Index: Hofstede power distance index measures the extent to which less powerful members of organizations accept and expect that power is unequally distributed. This represents inequality defined from below, not from above. United States ...

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Cultural dimension theory is examined. How the United States compares or competes in regard to how different cultures based on their norms are affected in the workplace is determined. The values of a manager might be different from other countries in comparison to the United States individuality is determined.

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Cultural Dimension Theory

Your manager informs you that you have been promoted to a new position at one of the U.S. firm's foreign branches. She cautions you that based on some bad experiences she has had when she worked overseas, a heightened awareness and sensitivity to different cultural norms is required to be successful when you move to and work in one of these countries. She suggested that you gain some valuable insights by studying the cultural dimensions theory, which is an excellent model to explain how different cultural norms could affect the workplace.

After researching the cultural dimensions theory, complete the following tasks:

Go to http://www.geert-hofstede.com and identify how values in the United States compare to the world average in the following 3 categories (To do this, click on country from the menu on the left side of the screen, and observe the charts in the middle of the screen):
Power distance
Long-term orientation
Explain exactly how your actions as a manager might reflect these index scores versus the world average index scores.

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