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See attached file.

https://mycampus.aiu-online.com/courses/MGT600/Assignment_Assets/Sekaran_v3.pdf use this link to view steps process.

Article is attached, link is above, refer to the article and state/analyze how steps 3,4, are in the article as well as a abstract

Analyze the article. The analysis should be framed against steps 3, 4, presented in the Sekaran & Bougie (2010) research process (link above) and founded on the skills developed in previous assignments of this course. As well as an abstract and include all references with assistance.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 827 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 827 words with references.

//This research paper presents an analysis of organizational culture and its impact upon intra- organizational network. The paper includes a detailed analysis of problems and theoretical framework of the research paper.//


This research paper is focused at defining the problem related with organizational culture in attainment of a strong intra-organizational network and how this network can influence the effectiveness and deficiency of a firm. The paper also takes into consideration the theoretical framework that was adopted for evaluation of the specified purpose. This paper evolved around the role of organizational culture in terms of values, belief, practices etc, and its impact upon intra- organizational relationship at managerial level.

Definition of problems

// This part of the paper is concerned with the various issues of organizational culture and its impact upon relationship with intra- firm network.//

In context of this research paper, we are going to analyze the relationship between organizational culture and strong intra-firm networks. The paper focuses on evaluating the impact of organizational culture on individual and group and determination of its impact upon evolvement and development of strong intra-firm networks. The relevant questions in this context can be defined with regard to organizational cultural dimensions and its impact upon the people of organization:

The research paper assumes that individual rewards can positively influence the relationship between ...

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