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Applied behaviour analysis

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Read the seminal article on applied behaviour analysis by Baer, Wolf, & Risley (1968). This was the first article published in the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis, and set the groundwork for moving behaviour analysis away from laboratory settings and into the applied settings of community, schools, and homes. Complete a learning journal on this article discussing whether you feel that the information presented in this seminal article is still relevant to the work of a behaviour analyst today.

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According to Baer, Wolf, & Risley there are seven dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis. These dimensions are (1):

1. Applied - deals with problems of proven importance in society

2. Behavioral - deals with measurable behavior or reports of measurable behavior if the reports are valid.

3. Analytic - requires an unbiased validation of evidence that the procedures caused the effect.

4. Technological - described sufficiently that they can be applied by anyone ...

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The solution discusses the applied behavior analysis.

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1. Take a look at the following article from the Kaplan Library where a functional behavioral assessment was conducted:
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