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Content Analysis Article Conducted

Select a suitable published article and conduct a limited Content Analysis of this. The article could be a transcript of a speech or interview from a market leader, a company report or even a newspaper or trade journal/magazine article. You can choose the topic of the article and the source although it is preferable that this is a business or allied topic, e.g. an environmental or sustainability issue, a political or economic problem, etc.. As a guide, the article will ideally be no longer than five A4 pages in length using a 12 point font, or equivalent. You will then be required to state a main theme or keyword and to Content Analyse the article for this theme or keyword.

Note, only ONE item (a theme or keyword) is required as this is a partial investigation.

For the learning log, you need to justify the selection of the article, clearly state the research question that you are pursuing, and identify the main theme or keyword that you have investigated. You should also explain how you have conducted your analysis of the contents of the article and how the theme or keyword will help you in addressing the research question.

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Content Analysis
This article involved the environmental analysis of the Greece tourism industry only which is the main reason why I selected it. It is easily to understand the article and select the theme of the article. The research question that I am pursuing is ' What is Greece tourism industry SWOT analysis of its political, economic, and business environment?'('SWOT Analysis' 2011).

The main theme ...

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