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Apple's Blueprint for Genius


Prepare an analysis for the discussion case, Apple's Blueprint for Genius. Incorporate news articles from an internet search to support and round-out your analysis. Don't forget to provide citations. Be creative and original in your approach.

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//Before writing about the strategy, it is essential to have an overview of the given case. One should know about the policy of the company Apple, which further will assist in analyzing the strategy adopted by the company in an effective manner//


This paper deals with the case analysis of an article which is based on the design and development process of Apple. It describes about the policy of this company in the process of product designing. In the present scenario, every company wants to remain competitive and develop innovative ideas for the products and services it offers to the customers. The strategy of Apple for product designing is based on innovative and novel methods which assist it in achieving core competency in the manufacturing of high tech products such as iPod and iMac mini computers. Apple does not follow the ways which are adopted by its rivals like outsourcing.

//Above is the discussion of the overview of the given case. Moving to the next direction, explanation about the strategy adopted by Apple and process development process is to be discussed//


The strategy adopted by Apple is based on a holistic approach which enables it in developing more advanced products. Most of the ...

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