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Website Effectiveness in Marketing - Apple

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Visit the website of any national or international retail company of your choice and discuss the marketing communications, selling strategies, and relationship marketing that you have observed during your review of the web site.

Based on the website you visited and your other experiences with this company, discuss the IMC program being used.

- List the website you visited. Do you feel it is effective? Why?
- How would you change the website in order to increase its effectiveness?

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I chose to visit Apple's website (www.apple.com). The company's website is clear and crisp, with its landing page effectively communicating with the customer its current focus: the introduction of the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Rather than bog the page down with facts about the product, the consumer has the option to watch a video by Jonny Ives, the designer of the product, or view the television advertisement, to learn more about the product. There are also tabs on top of the page to direct the consumer to the company's other products and support. The company's marketing communications reflect the marketing premise of the company: excellent design, leading technology, intuitive ease of use.

The marketing communications the company uses are extremely effective. Beyond its easy to navigate website, Apple also has retail stores that are complementary in style to their web presence, with a focus on product. Ads and displays in the stores mirror the message online: it is product driven. Even the shirts and attitude of the Apple sales people are product focused, highlighting a single item or promotion at a time. There is a consistent message, tone, look and feel across the offline and online worlds. The stores enhance the company's online marketing efforts. All press releases are recorded and available online as well. It is a fully integrated marketing system.

Apple focuses on solution selling, both on and offline. The customer is asked ...

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This detailed solution visits Apple's website and discusses the marketing communications, selling strategies, and relationship marketing observed.

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