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Examples of Successful Marketing Plans and an Example of Global Market Implementation

The marketing case study questions were:
1) Research two Fortune 500 companies. Who has done an outstanding job of creating a successful comprehensive marketing program? Explain.

2) Research and name a company that has been successful at Global Market Implementation. Why were they successful?

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On the Fortune 500 listing for 2011, Nordstrom was ranked 254; improving its standing by 16 spots from 2010. In these depressed economic times, moving up the list is a testament to a strong, comprehensive marketing plan. When shopping at a store, Sales Associates are known as Personal Shoppers; often ensuring that customers have their business cards upon leaving. If you are willing to provide a phone number, your Personal Shopping will call when new items come in that fit your style. This type of personal attention is a great source of marketing as "word of mouth" is an inexpensive way to get recognition. The company's website boasts free shipping and free returns; so shoppers can "spend on style, not shipping". To appeal for those more frugal, there is Nordstrom Rack, which offers significant discounts on popular name ...

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Analysis of two Fortune 500 companies, Nordstrom and Apple, that have extensive marketing plans that are known for being successful. With global market implementation, Subway is utilized as the example in how the company has surpassed McDonald's as a fast food retailer. Detail is provided on what each company is doing right in order to position themselves as the leader in their respective industries. This comprehensive solution is nearly 500 words in length and has five references.