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    Audit research paper: Apple Inc.

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    This is a marketing research where I want to benchmark what I have done with what someone else would get. I will not use what I do get from an OTA as my only work.

    Here is an outline for the audit:
    1. Executive Summary
    a. Two page summary of the entire audit

    2. Company Description
    a. Highlights of the firm's historical and recent operations

    3. Strategic Focus
    a. Mission
    b. Goals
    c. Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage
    d. Brand image

    4. Situation Analysis
    a. Industry analysis
    b. Competitive analysis
    c. Customer analysis

    5. Product, Price, and Place Marketing Program
    a. Product strategy
    b. Price strategy
    c. Place strategy

    6. Current Integrated Marketing Communications Analyses
    a. Advertising
    b. Promotions
    c. Personal selling
    d. Public relations
    e. Direct marketing
    f. Database marketing
    g. Internet marketing

    7. Recommendations for an Improved Integrated Marketing Communications Plan (your thoughts)
    a. Organization of the firm

    8. Implementation Plan (your thoughts)
    a. Plan to implement the strategies

    9. Evaluation and Control (your thoughts)
    a. Plan to evaluate and control the strategies

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    Here is an outline for the audit:
    1. Executive Summary
    a. Two page summary of the entire audit
    Apple Inc is a firm that started in 1976 as a computer making firm but now has entered into consumer electronics. It has started selling TVs, smart-phones, and touch pads. The main goal of Apple Inc is to grow globally. For this it needs to be profitable as well as increase its customer base. One of the greatest assets of Apple Inc is its brand image. Each of the markets in which Apple Inc competes is marked with strong competition. It faces multinational competitors as well as local competitors. Even though Apple Inc had targeted its products in the past to the high end of the market, its focus has changed and it is using penetration pricing to gain a larger share of the market. Apple Inc has a strong network of both online and brick and mortar distribution channels. Its communication has been mainly through advertising so that it can build its brand image.
    If Apple Inc wants to go global its communications must be veracious and comply with the laws of every country in which it operates. Further, Apple Inc should have a flat structure, preferably an international area structure if it wants to grow globally. Apple Inc should implement its strategies though clarifying its goals and should monitor and control its implementation through objective evaluation of performance.

    2. Company Description
    a. Highlights of the firm's historical and recent operations
    The firm is Apple Inc. The history is that the firm was started on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino California; the company was called Apple Computer. Inc but was renamed Apple Inc in January 2007. This marked the growth of Apple into consumer electronics. The company was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Waozniak, and Ronald Wayne to sell Apple 1 personal computers kit. In December 1980 it launched its IPO. In 2984 Apple launched the Mackintosh. It was responsible for creating the desktop publishing market. In 2991 Apple introduced the PowerBook which set up the first laptop computer. in 1997 Steve Jobs released versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac. In 2006 Apple changed all its Mac to Intel chips. After the launch of the iPhone and Apple TV the name of Apple Computers was changed to Apple Inc. Its current products include the Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and software.
    3. Strategic Focus
    a. Mission Defining he future of mobile media and computing devices.
    b. Goals The goals that Apple is to become an remain profitable. For, this it has changed its product line from computers to electronics like TVs , smart-phones, and the iPad. It seems that the goal of ...

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