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    Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc.

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    Using the case study "Apple Inc. 2008" (Harvard Business School case, no. 9-708-480), please provide a SWOT analysis of Apple.

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    Please find the indicative Strategic Audit format which will provide you a guideline.

    In EFAS Matrix, you need to assess the importance of each factor such as politico-legal, economic, social, Technological through weightage. For example, Politico-legal factor will have lower weightage and technological and economic factors will have a higher weightage as per the facts of the case.

    Similarly for IFAS matrix, you need to assess the importance of each factor such as R&D, Marketing, HR, Corporate Structure etc. through weightage. For example, HR will have relatively lower weightage as compared to R&D and Marketing as per the facts of the case.

    SFAS is overall summary of the internal and external strategic factors which you need to prepare.

    The major Strengths of Apple ...

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    The solution provides guidance on the Case Analysis of Apple Inc. It provides the assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses of the company and opportunities and threats for the company. It also uses the External Factor Analysis Summary, Internal Factor Analysis Summary. It involves a direction and illustration on how strategic audit can be conducted on Apple Inc. This is guidance and an approach on how to solve the case.