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    Strategic planning in practice, example of Apple's organization

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    Strategic planning in practice, the example of Apple's (or Microsoft or any known successful big IT company HP, IBM, DELL) organization.

    Article shall contain information of a strategic planning method and its use for the benefit of other organizations, managers.

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    Strategic Planning: Apple Organization:

    There are various strategic planning methods which may be employed by an organization e.g use of the SWOT analysis, to ensure that the organization performs better in terms of the revenues they generate. The strategic planning method generates several benefits for the organization in one way or the other which may be adapted by other organizations' managers for the benefit of their organizations as well.

    The development of Training and development programs by an organization is considered as an act which may be regarded as a strategic planning method that benefits an organization since it assists in bringing a business sense to an organization which has proved to be good for the organization since it brings the idea of investing on employees and people within the organization.

    Apple Inc, company was previously known as Apple computers Inc. This organization deals in the marketing and development of personal computers, network solutions, software and services, and other IT accessories. This company mainly carries most of its activities in the United States and it has its headquarters in California with 34,300 employees ('DATAMONITOR: Apple Inc' 2010).

    By having a clear understanding of the organization's missions, objectives and values, a clearer understanding of the organization's planning strategy is ensured. The organization is well known for having proprietary hardware and software which are ...

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    Strategic planning in practices and examples of Apple's organizations are examined.