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    Corporate Compliance Benchmarking

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    Individually, identify and research two companies in two different industries that have faced corporate compliance issues related to the course concept.

    For each of the two companies selected, prepare a synopsis that addresses the following:

    (A) the situation facing the company,
    (B) how the company responded to the issue, and
    (C) outcomes of the company's response to the situation.

    Compare and Contrast the companies to course concept "how failures in corporate governance lead to regulatory action" in a separate section.

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    //Prior to do the benchmarking of the two Companies; it is better to understand the concept of 'Corporate Compliance.' In this series, in the first section of the discussion, the concept of the corporate compliance is discussed under the heading introduction.//


    The corporate compliance benchmarking includes the benchmarking of the companies which face problems regarding some legal issues. The corporate compliance benchmarking helps the companies to know the specific critical situations arising in the company and the required responses of the company for that particular situation. The two companies selected here for corporate compliance benchmarking are Apple Inc. And CareNetWest Inc.

    //After understanding the concept of the corporate compliance, in the next section of the discussion, I am describing the synopsis of the two Companies namely Apple Inc. and CareNetWest Inc. In the following section the problems faced by both the Companies and their response for various issues are discussed.//

    Synopsis (Apple Inc.)

    Apple Inc. was facing the issue of mistreatment to Foxconn from Chinese workers. Chinese workers of Apple Inc in Foxconn are facing an allegation to their rights. Apple has a limited share with Foxconn. The workers were doing ...

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