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    MBA 540 - Lester Electronics _ Generic Benchmarking

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    Worksheet includes tips for completing the following columns/sections:

    - 2 Benchmarked companies, to use as a starting point
    - Team report (which includes sample info for the following sections):
    > Evaluate Internal and External Growth Strategies,
    > Working Capital Management Strategies,
    > Cross-border Growth Strategies,
    > Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis,
    > Portfolio Management
    - References!!

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    Our learning team has conducted generic benchmarking of several companies. Our efforts were an attempt to identify possible alternative solutions to the problem at Lester Electronics. Our generic benchmarking has identified alternative solutions that we will discuss in detail. In this paper we will also give a team report that will include several key course concepts. These concepts will relate to our generic benchmarking findings and the scenario. Lester Electronics must be diligent about their decision to acquire Shang-wa. Therefore, generic benchmarking will offer Lester Electronics methods used by other companies who have engage in mergers and acquisitions. We will begin our paper with each team member's individual benchmarking research.
    McAfee company purchase of Onigma (after slow returns in late 2005). McAfee (a security software company) had returns that were less than expected in 2005, particularly in the fourth quarter. After purchasing the company Foundstone in August, 2004, McAfee's external growth strategies had not allowed for further purchases and buyouts. McAfee was founded on the idea that they were the superior anti-virus solution for individuals and companies alike.
    But, as technology changes, so do the end users. To stay ahead of the game, McAfee began adding elements to its portfolio that would provide it with a better selling position. The buyout of Foundstone, at a cost of over $80 million, gave McAfee the ability to provide its customers with a vital security policy compliance component.
    McAfee responded to its slow financial returns in 2005 by an aggressive series of buyouts of other companies that would further its own portfolio. This new portfolio would then allow McAfee to provide a very comprehensive package of security essentials to all sorts of end-users. "Officials with McAfee said customers are increasingly looking for ways to integrate technologies for preventing outside attacks from threats such as malware with tools to maintain compliance with government and corporate security regulations" (Hines, 2006).
    As of October, 2006, McAfee had purchased four additional companies- with the intent that this collection of security fundamentals (from the four separate companies becoming part of McAfee) would then provide its customers with the protection they desire. McAfee's most recent move was a $20 buyout of Onigma, a software maker specializing in data leak prevention.
    To meet the expectations that ...

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