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    Apple Inc: Leadership Style

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    Research a company, then answer the following questions.

    Which of the classical leadership styles exemplifies this company?
    What is the added value of this leadership style?
    What impact does this leadership style have on the organization's overall image?
    Contrast this leadership style with United Airlines, named the worst company in America to work for by glassdoor.com.
    Based on your experiences and research, what kind of leadership style is needed to promote efficiency in an organization? What contingencies affect this outcome? Justify your response.

    These are not the only things must be covered, but are the minimum. You are encouraged to go deeper with the assignment and use your critical thinking skills to ascertain what other areas are important in making a company one of the top ones in which to work

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    The classical leadership style that exemplifies this company is the autocratic leadership style. Apple Inc is very closely associated with the leadership of Steve Jobs. He behaved unconventionally. He did not consult or build consensus. He demanded excellence from his staff and got it. He was able to communicate his vision to the employees, investors, and even customers. They joined him.

    The added value of this style is that even though he made decisions, he conveyed and sold his vision very effectively to the employees. The employees felt inspired and energized by his enthusiasm. The employees loved his unconventional approach and supported him in his endeavors.

    The autocratic or authoritarian leadership style had a positive effect on Apple's overall image. Steve Jobs led from the front and became the main spokesperson ...

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