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What is Sam Walton's leadership style? Why do these traits make him successful? What characteristics, abilities, and business leadership made Walmart successful and stand out from its rivals? Name a prominent leader that could be described as authentic. Name a prominent leader that could be described as inauthentic. Explain. Do men and women differ in their leadership styles? How? What evidence shows this? What is unique about Steve Job's leadership style? Will Apple be successful without Steve Jobs leadership? why? How does Virgin's organizational structure support its competitive advantages?

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What is Sam Walton's leadership style?
The leadership style of Sam Walton was to listen carefully to his people and to respond to their needs. He recruited high quality people and encouraged them to think of new things. He also enabled his employees to disagree with him. He introduced stock options and store discounts for his employees.
Why do these traits make him successful?
These traits make him successful because it helped him build his retail empire. He was able to develop team spirit. Each store reflected customer values and supported the vision held by Sam Walton. His traits enabled him to share rewards, energize his colleagues, communicate all he knew, and enabled each store to perform well.
What characteristics, abilities, and business leadership ...

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