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    Website Strategy - Marketing Mix of Apple

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    In terms of Apple, discuss its strategy in relation to each factor of the marketing mix by using its website for evaluation.

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    The site is "The Apple Store" and the URL is http://store.apple.com/us

    From the perspective of the marketing mix, the first variable that strikes us is the product mix that the Apple Store sells us. It places the i-mix first, starting with iPad2, iPhone, iPod shuffle and so on. It also sells the Apple TV at $99. The next row shows us the Mac series. There is the iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and so on. Mac Pro is listed last. On the right column there is the list of products that are "New" to the Store.

    The pricing strategy ...

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    This response presents a discussion on the Apple website, including its marketing mix, pricing strategy, distribution, and marketing communications. It is about 347 words and provides references for further learning.