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Assessment of the Competitive Marketing Strategy for Android

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Will Google's Android be successful? Defend your position in terms of whether being available to more phone companies will offset the supposedly technologically superior Apple iPhone which is available only through ATT&T.

The Situation
Google's Android is availabe to any and all cell phone carriers. Apple's iPhone is available only through ATT&T.

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Google's Android should be successful as a substitution or replacement for the Apple iPhone in many market segments. Those segments are widespread across many cell phone carriers, so this strategy for the Android makes sense from a marketing standpoint, whether the new product is a substitute or not.

Consumers are standing in line for the product, so providing many ...

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The solution discusses the marketing strategies that may be used for Google Android, in competing with the Apple iPhone. The various components of the marketing strategy are discussed, in terms of the external and internal environment and the approaches used to develop a strategy for the Android, including the marketing mix evaluation.